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The District provides a variety of services related to the conservation of our natural resources, in cooperation with the NRCS and our other partners. Please call or visit the office for more information at:
713 397 6996
Harris Co. Service Center
10808 Huffmeister Rd
Houston, TX 77065.
Conservation Planning - Conservation planning assistance helps the land user make management decisions based on practical considerations. The plan includes: environmental evaluation, planning maps and soils information, record of land user's decisions, nutrient and pest management, and technical information. Growers are encouraged to use Best Management Practices (BMPs) in their plans of operation.
Soil Survey - The soil survey is a publication which contains information that can be used in land planning programs. It provides maps, descriptions of soils and tables of predictions of soil behavior for selected land uses. It is a valuable tool for farmers, ranchers, planners, builders, conservationists, teachers, and students. This book is free of charge if picked up at the Harris County Service Center, 10808 Huffmeister Rd., Houston, TX 77065.
Soils Evaluation - Individual land units can be evaluated for their soil properties and uses.
Drainage Design - Crop growth requirements will at times need to remove excess water during the growing season. Field ditches, ditches, and culvert pipe design and sizing are part of the Conservation Planning system.
Pond Design - The District office can provide pond information which includes soils information and design recommendations. Additional information on pond maintenance and aquaculture is also available.
Historical Aerial Photographs (click here) - Photo's are scanned and emailed to order in JPEG format. Sites from aerial photos (1953, 1964, 1971, 1981, 1989, and 1995) are available for a nominal handling fee. Orders need to be placed at least one week before due date. For more information, please email cath2453@earthlink.net
Topographical Maps - "Topo" maps, which show elevations and drainage systems, are available for viewing by appointment. Note: these are historical.
Community Outreach - A member of the NRCS Field office can also be made available for specific questions and answers to your group. Specially organized "Sandwich Sessions" (box lunch and speakers) also available with advance notice and admission fee of $25.00 in most cases. Contact the office or email cath2453@earthlink.net for more details and reservations.

Plant a Tree, Pocket $57,000

Trees can reduce home energy use by as much as 30%. Planting deciduous trees on the east and west sides of your home to provide shade in the summer, but allow sunlight through in the winter. Plant evergreen trees to the north and northwest to shield your home from cold winter winds without blocking winter sunlight.

Trees raise property values for the entire neighborhood; a USFS study says that a tree growing along the public right-of-way added an average of $12,828 to the combined value of all houses within 100 feet. The estimated the value of an individual tree at $273 annually — well over $57,000 over its lifetime. This includes the value of climate control, soil erosion and stormwater management, wildlife shelter and air pollution reduction.

Fall, when the climate is moderate and trees are dormant, is a great time to plant trees. Look for offers of free and low-cost seedlings from you local conservation district.


(please note: This is a courtesy posting and we cannot guarantee the accuracy - we do not have phone numbers available - if a center is not listed near you, please call your Home Owners Association or the City of Houston Public Works Dept. for information)
Houston Regional Recycling Centers:
1200 Brittmore, Houston TX 77043 - Open Daily
1245 Judiway, Houston TX 77018 - Open Daily, Glass only
Kingwood Park & Ride, 3210 W. Lake Houston Pkwy - 2nd & 4th weekends monthly
Ellington Field, Hwy 3 & Brantley Rd. - Open Daily
Westpark Recycling Center, 5900 Westpark - Mon.- Sat. 8a-5p
City of Houston - Hazardous Waste drop off locations:

11500 South Post Oak Rd., Houston TX 77035
5614 Neches Bldg C, Houston TX 77026
City of Houston Neighborhood Depositories, Wed. - Sun. 10a - 7p:
5100 Sunbeam, Houston TX 77033
9200 Lawndale, Houston TX 77012
5565 Kirkpatrick, Houston TX 77028
Other Locations in Harris County:
1601 W. Main, Houston TX 77520
4400 Edith St., Bellaire TX 77401
3009 Center St., Deer Park TX 77536
610 Old Underwood, Deer Park 77356 - Used Oil only
Jesse Jones Park, 20634 Kenswick Dr., Humble TX 77338
2963 N. 23rd St., LaPorte TX 77571
2900 Pasadena Blvd & Preston, Pasadena TX 77502
2300 Strawberry Rd & Cherrybrook, Pasadena TX 77502 (Clear Lake Park)
5002 NASA Rd 1, Seabrook TX 77586 - Paper only
5004 Dincans St., West University Place TX 77005

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